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Since 1984, Miyamonte Solutions have been developed based on the herbal pharmacology and recipes of the Ancient Aztecs of Mexico. Shampoo, Conditioner, Facial/Body Cleansers, Creams etc. are developed on the base aloe, tannin, and fulvic acid solutions of Miyamonte and tested in the labs of UNAM University, followed by raw material production at Miyamonte MEX and imported to Miyamonte USA for bottling and packaging.

The Miyamonte Solution was successfully developed for the purpose of the renewal and regeneration of cell life, targeting keratin in hair, skin, and nails. For the regrowth and continued healthy growth cycles of hair, skin, and nails, Miyamonte Solution re-establishes the function of keratin availability to its right physical place in the body. By restoring some of the body’s functional ability, it encourages better inner body health as well.

  Reyna Trifecta Formula

(1) Reconnect & Retain healthy nerve function to your follicles.

FULVIC ACID: When the body continues to be overwhelmed by stress, healthy cell activities become disfunctional and we can no longer produce healthy hair. By efficiently conducting the allocation of nutrients to the right cells and removing the harmful residue of excess matter in your body, Fulvic Acid restores the balance and energy of all cell life and their biological properties for total body regeneration.

(2) De-stress the follicle and skin to allow healthy function of hair growth cycle.

TANNIC ACID: When there is physical damage to a plant, it secretes asap that contains tannic acid to treat the damage and renew the cells. In the hair follicle, tannic acid serves as an astringent to repair the damage of stress and works to renew the cells to activate the growth cycle of your hair. Its anti-bacterial properties protect against further damage to the hair follicle.

(3) Strengthen the follicle and develop strong hair.

ALOE: Nature's powerful anti-oxidant, aloe effectively rehabilitates cell damage and has a unique sensibility to regenerate in its original healthy form. Aloe also builds the production of keratin, the main component of hair (also in skin and nails), encouraging the development of hair into strong, beautiful healthy hair again.

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