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  Renaturation Series

Renaturation Cellular Shampoo 8oz
A healthy scalp is the first step to beautiful healthy hair. Cellular Shampoo gently cleans away the residue of a day’s stress while Reyna’s signature Trifecta Formula of organic Fulvic Acid, natural aloe, and tannic acids effectively restore and encourage your body’s own ability to grow fuller, more radiant and healthy hair. Foaming Shampoo is 2 parts Shampoo and 1 part Treatment. This creamy foam is readily absorbed into your scalp as your pores open to the steam of your shower.

Renaturation Conditioner 6oz
A luxurious rich cream rinse for all hair types. All natural proteins and botanicals repair damage and strengthen hair to protect itself against new damage

Renaturation Shampoo 12oz
Let nature clean your scalp and hair and restore your hair to its natural healthy original potential. Our fresh herbal and botanical blend cleans your scalp and hair thoroughly without any toxic residue of a chemical formula. With regular use, you will notice your hair is growing into a lively forest of healthy strong voluminous hair

Renaturation Treatment 6oz
Our signature herbal blend for total health of your scalp and hair, follicle to the ends!

Renaturation 3 Step Hair Care Kit
Includes Renaturation Shampoo 12oz., Renaturation Conditioner 6oz., Renaturation Treatment 6oz

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