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  プロのサロンが薦める、2液型ケアーシステム、レアナゲン・シリーズ。 プロのアドバイスを聞きながら、安心して使用できます。 ストレスで疲れた髪と頭皮に、ミアモンテで潤いを与え、リラクセーションしましょう。

Reanagen Series
" Developed and Sold for Professional Salon Use "

MiaMonte Reanagen
Scalp Care I 2oz.
MiaMonte Reanagen Scalp Care is a special concentrate formulated to encourage your body’s own ability to naturally grow hair. All natural aloe essences work quickly to restore your scalp and hair to its original healthy condition for thick, full, and beautiful hair. Most effective when used two to three times daily.

MiaMonte Reanagen
Treatment II 4oz.

MiaMonte Reanagen Treatment is a special blend of herbs to help develop and strengthen new hairs, minimize hair shedding, and repair damaged hair and scalp. With the continued use of MiaMonte Reanagen Treatment you will notice stronger fuller hair, a softer, cleaner scalp, and fewer hairs in the shower drain.

MiaMonte Reanagen
Shampoo 8oz.

MiaMonte Reanagen Shampoo Works to restore and replenish hair and scalp damaged by heat or color treatments. Encourages a healthy hair growth cycle from the scalp to grow strong, shiny, and vibrant hair.

  Super Reanagen Series

MiaMonte Super Reanagen
Scalp Care I 2oz.

MiaMonte Super Reanagen Scalp Care is an exclusive blend of all natural extracts formulated to effectively restore and rejuvenate the scalp to encourage healthy growth. May also be used to revitalize eyebrows, eyelashes, and nails.

MiaMonte Super Reanagen
Shampoo 8oz.

MiaMonte Super Reanagen Shampoo is an exclusive highly concentrated blend of all natural herbs and extracts formulated to provide thorough cleansing and intensive scalp repair for healthy hair growth.

MiaMonte Super Reanagen
Treatment II oz.

MiaMonte Super Reanagen Treatment is a highly concentrated exclusive formula of all natural extracts for a healthy scalp and beautiful hair. This all-natural blend promotes healthy hair growth, full of shine, volume, and vibrancy.

MiaMonte Super Reanagen
Total Solution 4oz.

MiaMonte Super Reanagen Total Solution is an easy one step treatment for your skin, scalp, and hair. All natural aloe extracts help to revitalize the condition of your scalp and restore a healthy hair growth cycle. As it works to replenish a healthy keratin supply, your hair becomes more vibrant, full, and beautiful.

MiaMonte Super Reanagen
Air Foamed Shampoo 8oz.

MiaMonte Super Reanagen Air Foamed Shampoo is a cream foam combination of the Super Reanagen Shampoo and Super Reanagen Treatment. Works quickly and effectively to restore the cell life and activity in your scalp and follicles for healthy hair growth.

  Original Series

MiaMonte Reanagen 2oz
Concentrated formula targets scalp health to promote less hair shedding and thicker hair, full of shine and volume!

MiaMonte Rejuvenator 2oz
Concentrated treatment formula for the aggressive repair and restoration of a damaged scalp to encourage your body to grow beautiful healthy hair again.

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