About Fulvic Acid     ( Part 1 )
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“we come from the earth in life, and return to the earth in death” Soil is the source of energy, the source for life.

But we have contaminated the Earth’s soil and are just realizing the effect this has on all living things.

All living organisms living here on Earth are made up of the same elements in the same proportion as the Earth. This means the contamination of the Earth and its subsequent elemental depletion translates to that exact consequence in living organisms. While the sustenance of the Earth and also us require our economic development to be founded upon ecological realities, modern civilization pursued an economic plan of material growth that was careless to our ecology. The industrial production employed for this economic plan has left severe damage to the environment with excess carbon gas and has caused toxic waste buildup in soil, plants, animals, and humans (bioaccumulation). Global warming will ensue more forceful natural disasters, mass desertation of land, rise in sea levels. In response to this global crisis, Miyamonte has developed a cost efficient Organic source that dually acts as a carbon neutralizer (in the soil, plants, animals, and humans) and as an efficient means to produce sufficient biofuel, which would provide clean usable and renewable energy worldwide.

A significant characteristic unique to Fulvic Acid is its Double-Task cell health activity. As a chelating agent, it cleanly removes excess or harmful materials from the body while also acting as a supplementary agent transporting nutrients the body needs.

It is supposed that with the effective use of fulvic acid for human health, pharmaceutical companies would no longer have business purpose. Fulvic acid can absorb contaminating heavy metals from the soil and the sea, initiates faster growth of animals that are healthy, establishes strong and faster and toxin free vegetation. Through the natural course of the food chain, eating vegetables and animals rich in fulvic acid would effect higher quality diet and thereby, greater health in us.

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