About Fulvic Acid     ( Part 3 )
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Benefits of MiyaOrganic and Miyaction

Currently known benefits of Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid

*Increases rate of organic decomposition in raw waste, plant matter
*Soil Remediation – Initiates proliferation of Decomposers in the soil
*Re-establishes or newly establishes nourishing soil environment that was contaminated or barren.
*Increases quality and growth productivity in crops and plants
*Protects environment: i.e. oceanic ecosystem regulating and forests from afforestation.
*Is an activating agent that helps transport the nutrients we ingest orally in food, or topically in treatments.
*Is the transport vehicle for nutrients through the bloodstream.

Miyamonte Fulvic Acid Benefit Potential ranges from agriculture, natural environment, physical health improvement and continuity. The wideness of this scope may suggest that the possibilities are infinite. For example, a strong proposition for repairing the environment is the use of biofuel, or energy produced from biomass, or living or recently living biological material. Because the carbon gas released when burnt as fuel is reusable and renewable when cycled through plants, unlike the carbon gas released from petroleum or fossil fuels. The absorption of Miyamonte Organic Fulvic Acid serves to clean toxic residue while not contributing additional Carbon Dioxide and thus, is a CARBON NEUTRAL product. Miyamonte Fulvic Acid can make a major contribution to our future efforts in cleaning our environment by increasing volume and speed of sugar cane or corn production to provide cost efficient ethanol or cultivating plants on contaminated land to absorb the heavy metals into the plant and then extracting them to recycle the metal.

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