Development History
  2002 Fall

Dr. Umezawa is formally invited to begin development of a fertilizer using enzyme breakdown with a composter.

Trial Manufactured Composter in Mexico

Miyamonte Mex Research Laboratory

Fulvic Acid Production Factory

  2003 June

A successful sample of Miya Organic Fertilizer is produced using the trial composter.


In Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring (1963), the intense damage to the environment for over 40 years since the booming rise in industry is argued to cause mass suffering of life with dramatic rises in new and more sophisticated disease. In order to repair the damage and restore Earth’s clean environment, Dr. Umezawa stressed to the Agricultural University in Mexico, this composter, developed on his long accumulated research of enzyme dissambly, is absolutely necessary.

After preliminary safety tests at the University, a formal contract is initiated between the University and Miyamonte MEX for an agricultural protocol study.

Due to the astounding results of the agricultural protocol study, there began a research and development phase to perfect the ratio of Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid. Miyamonte Mex’s Fertilizer was found to have a greater percentage of fulivc acid to existing fertilizers.

Following, Miyamonte Mex focused on the development of Fulvic Acid. Previously, Miyamonte MEX had been successful in the production of an organic high protein animal feed for the growth of stock animals. They applied this former science successfully for the proliferation of fulvic acid.

Development of a mass volume horizontally assembled trial composter


Research of the Miyamonte Mex Fulvic Acid Concentrated solution begins. At Antonio Naro University, Dr. Ruben performs successful protocol of soil refinement using sunflower cultivation with Fulvic Acid.

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PHOTO: L to R:
Luis Alberto Aguirre Uribe, Dr. Shozo Umezawa, Dr. Dick Miyayama, M.D.


Present day compostor. In production for mass product development.

Successful development of both liquid and dry Fulvic Acid


Dr. Luiz
Fulvic Acid
Waste Recycle